Lessons are one of the best ways to learn to ski or improve upon existing skills, not to mention a whole lot of fun!



Dan Clausen has been the Winter Park Ski School Director for decades and been involved in development of the sport both nationally and internationally. He served as a member of the PSIA national demo team for 16 years and represented America at international events in Norway, Switzerland, and Japan. Further international teaching includes 9 years in Australia and New Zealand.

Dan has coached high school racers for years including national Champions. Dan was involved with the earliest development of skate skiing instruction, and has contributed to several nordic technical manuals and instructional videos. He has also designed and built hundreds of kilometers of trails in various locations including some of the Winter Park’s most popular.  PSIA Honorary Lifetime Member, Owner Minocqua Winter Park Ski Shop

“Teaching skiing for over 30 years has given me the experience to watch literally thousands of skiers of all abilities. The dynamics of body types, physical ability, equipment, terrain, and snow conditions dictates the skier’s experience. It is finding the right balance of these dynamics that makes skiing enjoyable. That is my job, helping people reach that balance.”

Please book your lessons in advance by calling the ski shop at 715-356-1099


Semi-Private ( 2 )$40 each
Semi-Private ( 3 )$38 each
Semi-Private ( 4 )$35 each
Small Group ( 5-10 )$25 each
Large Group ( 10+ or Ski Club )$20 each
Beginner Special (rental, lesson, and trail pass)$33 for Adults
$24 for Kids under 12
Skate Special (rental and group lesson)$38