More on Equipment Selection

Equipment Selection with a Personal Touch

Equipment selection is an extremely important facet of skiing sports. Proper equipment must match the terrain, conditions, and ability of a skier. Matching a skiers weight to a specific ski is only a small part of equipment selection. For the best fit possible, a skier must be observed skiing and have an opportunity to try different equipment.

At Minocqua Winter Park Ski Shop we keep an expansive demo fleet and have one of the finest Nordic centers at our doorstep. Our sales staff are also ski school instructors and wax technicians with years of skiing, racing, and teaching experience. We provide our customers truly personal equipment fitting to match their abilities, skiing style, and goals.

Our commitment to our customers’ satisfaction with their equipment is expressed in our guaranteed fit policy.

To learn about the newest technologies and trends in cross country skiing equipment stop in to the shop or give us a call 715-356-1099